December 1, 2012


For three thousand years, ancient Egypt was ruled by nearly 200 kings. Brief biographies of the Kings. their Great Wives (if known), and some of their notable courtiers, will be presented in these pages and posts. (See links below the break and on the sidebar). 
For additional history, see also my Ancient Egypt History Blog.

Some names will be very familiar. Others will not. Some scholars disagree on the order of reigns or on kingly names, and this will be noted as appropriate.
Not all the kingly reigns followed in an unbroken line; some kings came to the throne after rivalries, usurpations and social interruptions. But the institution of kingship remained fairly whole and consistent in Egypt for millennia. In some ways, it was a noble, and even awe-inspiring institution. Some of these kings are familiar, through text, sculpture, and art. Some kings have left little more than possible name-signs. Some have taken on a legendary status beyond what their actual lives might in truth have been.